Delivery Models

Development Models

Here at Softintegrity our teams use Waterfall, Agile, and several other delivery models to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. By modeling our customers’ needs, and providing complete visibility during development, we can solve all of the challenges that your business faces.

We are brought together a team of the most experienced and highly skilled IT professionals who will use the best development model for the job to satisfy all of your needs. We fine tune each model to be client specific, so that we can best cater to your needs.

Some of the models we employ are:


For projects that involve the development of new products, modules, or applications we recommend the use of the prototype model. This model specifically caters for rapid development and feedback by the prospective users of the system. This model allows for the development to move very quickly whilst rapidly improving quality and solving problems.

This model:

  • Reduces production time
  • Gets user buy in during production
  • Is highly collaborative between client and the user


The agile development model is best suited for clients that need a high level of expertise working on many facets at the same time. This model is considerably less collaborative and relies on producing multiple parts of the project separately and joining them together as they are completed. An example of the Agile model would be 4-6 Sprint cycles with weekly Scrum meetings between teams.

This model:

  • Develop components rapidly with minimal collaboration
  • Accommodates rapidly changing client needs
  • Allows your team to work closely with Softintegrity consultants


The Waterfall method is also sometimes referred to as the 4D. This four phase process covers Discover, Design, Develop, and Deploy. The Waterfall method is one of the best methods for developing web-based applications as its compartmental process allows for frequent review and improvement.

This model:

  • Works best for very large teams
  • Allows you to manage costs and budget based on each milestone
  • Best allows you to manage risk in highly technical projects
  • Keeps thorough documentation of each step in the process